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  • Cute - Friday 4 August 2017 11:09Reply
    Cute Pussy and anal
  • Lu - Wednesday 12 July 2017 18:20Reply
    MMM, I'd like to sniff their respective pussies here!

    Here's an odor anticipation chart:

    1. Nemu: light musty odor.
    2. Nanao: slight pissy/fishy stink.
    3. Yoruichi: strong spandexy pissy stink.
    4. Isane: musty sweet scent.
    5. Rangiku: sharp bitter fishy stink.
    6. Retsu: light-moderate pissy/fishy odor.

    I'd sniff 'em all till I'm passing out or cumming from those feminine odors!
  • zxc - Thursday 6 July 2017 06:53Reply
  • L123456 - Saturday 17 June 2017 03:10Reply
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  • Lu - Wednesday 31 May 2017 15:07Reply
    MMM, I'd like to sniff the crotch n ass parts of their respective short shorts after they've used them up and put 'em in the hamper for the day!

    Here's an odor speculation chart:

    1. Rukia, crotch: slight musty pissy odor, ass: soft stinky odor.

    2. Tatsuki, crotch: strong bitter pissy stink, ass: strong musty odor.

    3. Rangiku, crotch: sharp sour fishy stink, ass: soft musty sweet scent.

    Either way, crotch and ass sweat should enhance whatever stinks they work up, I'd sniff those shorts till I pass out or cum from the sheer respective spandexy stinks!
  • Chao Hong - Monday 24 April 2017 00:47Reply
  • Chao Hong - Sunday 23 April 2017 04:15Reply
  • Chao Hong - Sunday 23 April 2017 04:13Reply
  • Chao Hong - Sunday 23 April 2017 04:12Reply
    梦( ⊙ o ⊙ )啊!
  • Lu - Monday 10 April 2017 08:19Reply
    I'd rub my face in that spandASS and sniff out her strong, musty/bitter spandexy stink!