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32e4f8dc.jpg Orohime 04 Thumbnails 047 yoruichi 33 Orohime 04 Thumbnails 047 yoruichi 33 Orohime 04 Thumbnails 047 yoruichi 33 Orohime 04 Thumbnails 047 yoruichi 33 Orohime 04 Thumbnails 047 yoruichi 33 Orohime 04 Thumbnails 047 yoruichi 33
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  • BassLiner - Thursday 16 June 2016 15:21Reply
    @ The Alley Slut : *I grab your ass as hard as I can* Yes my little slut, I'll even stretch them so my cock can penetrate you easier *I smack your cheeks before I start stretching them*
  • The Alley Slut - Thursday 16 June 2016 02:13Reply
    @ BassLiner : Yes daddy! *I mount my ass over your stiff rod and slowly begin to ease my ass down onto you, it penetrating me very slowly*. MmmaaaaAAhhn! So thick! So fucking big! I can still feel it stretching me apart! Please grope my ass daddy, I want you to slap my cheeks while I fuck you!
  • BassLiner - Wednesday 15 June 2016 17:17Reply
    @ The Alley Slut : *I take my cock out to see how wide it is* It's so wide, I can almost fit my hand there *I smack you ass and I laid down on the bed* Get on top of me and work for daddy, so daddy can come in your mouth and then fuck you some more!
  • The Alley Slut - Wednesday 15 June 2016 02:04Reply
    @ BassLiner : AAAAGHNNN! Yes daddy, yes! Destroy my asshole! *I grunt occasionally between yelling at the top of my lungs how your cock is ruining my asshole*
  • BassLiner - Tuesday 14 June 2016 16:40Reply
    @ The Alley Slut : I will destroy it, don't worry, I'll make you addicted to it! *Turns you around, getting you on doggy style and shove my cock up your asshole again, grabs your hair and pulls it while smacking your butt* Keep rubbing that pussy and moan for me, my litle slut!
  • The Alley Slut - Monday 13 June 2016 03:50Reply
    @ BassLiner : *I begin to rub my pussy as I look back at you with my face in the dirt and my eyes watery* Please plow this stupid bitch daddy! Destroy my asshole!
  • BassLiner - Sunday 12 June 2016 05:02Reply
    @ The Alley Slut : Yes just like that baby *I smack my cock on your pussy and I shove it in your asshole again, going all the way in and I start to thrust harder and harder into to you* Play with your pussy for daddy, daddy want to see you playing!
  • The Alley Slut - Sunday 12 June 2016 04:52Reply
    @ BassLiner : *I grip my ass and pull my cheeks apart, revealing my tender pink hole* Like this daddy? Please hurry and put it back in me!
  • BassLiner - Friday 10 June 2016 19:33Reply
    @ The Alley Slut : *I keep thrusting harder and harder and occasionally I smack your ass* I open that ass for me bby, I wanna see how wide it is *Pulls out*
  • The Alley Slut - Tuesday 7 June 2016 02:31Reply
    @ BassLiner : *grunting and moaning as your thick rod completely decimates my asshole, the smell of funk and sweat becomes very intense.* Ooh, oooh, aah, fuck, Da-... Daddy your cock, your cock is destroying me!